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Annius Groenink

Professional background

Annius Groenink advies - mensen, processen en systemen
In professional life, I am a consultant, specializing in the interaction between people, administrative processes and IT systems. Apart from project management and business analysis, I regularly get my hands dirty and build or maintain software and administrative systems myself. See my resume in PDF.
Between 2004 and 2009, I was employed by the Federatie van Nederlandse Audiologische Centra, where I had the operational responsibility for the OpenAC platform for 21 hearing diagnostics centres in the Netherlands.
Shell Shell International Exploration and Production
After the merger of Eidetica and Filter Control Technologies, I joined the Information and Communications team at Shell International in Rijswijk near The Hague for a one-year period as a senior software architect.
Eidetica Eidetica / Filter Control
Six years of my life were dedicated to Eidetica, the CWI spin-off search engine and automated text classification company I founded with Stijn van Dongen in 1998.
CWI Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
After my degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Utrecht, I wrote a PhD thesis in Computational Linguistics at the Dutch national Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Personal interests

Juno-2 Music
Over the years, I have written many pieces of music. In 2008-2010 I re-engineered some recordings I made between 1986 (in high school) and 1992 (at the University of Leeds).
Mensa Vereniging Mensa Nederland
Early 2002, I joined Mensa Netherlands, where I met many new friends. Part of the web team and national board between 2003 and 2007, I carried out a large renovation of the internal online media and membership administration.

Computer and internet related

Edith ZFC - Edith Pro/X11
I originally developed the Edith Pro text editor software for the Atari ST/TT in 1990-1994, and later ported it and continued development on UNIX/X11 until around 2000. Even though its looks have become somewhat outdated, the UNIX version is still very flexible − it can be downloaded from this website for common platforms such as Windows Vista/XP with Cygwin or Apple Macintosh/X11.
Source Other software
For both personal and professional reasons, I wrote various other pieces of public domain software, such as the Atari ST screen stretcher, AutoRaise and an X11 driver for the MediaGX chipset on Linux. Most other useful tools are property of the legacy of Eidetica (Stork/FilterWorks).

Mathematics, linguistics and computer science

Thesis Strict Finitism and "short sighted mathematics"
My master's thesis is a discussion of finite models of mathematics, based upon the observation that a mathematician has a limited amount of space and time to describe objects. It is shown that as a consequence, we need no more than 729 distinct elements ("numbers") to provide a model for addition, multiplication and exponentiation.
Surface without Structure Surface without Structure
In plain English, my PhD thesis argues that due to its word order, Dutch is a more difficult language for computers than English and German, a study which in its enthusiasm even takes a brief look at description of the apparently free word order of Latin. In scientific terms, it defines a grammar system that describes all polynomial-time recognisable languages and investigates many of its properties. ISBN 90-73446-70-8.
EULER The EULER project
EULER, a 4th framework project of the European Union, built a one-stop internet service connecting eight Mathematics libraries across Europe.
LIMES The LIMES project
LIMES, part of the EU's 5th framework programme, aimed at using various methods to improve the European Mathematical information infrastructure.
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